Work shouldn't be all about 'working'; it's got to be fun, too!

Here's a list of people, purveyors of fine things all, that will refresh your attitude, your life and your soul.



Pete Levy

Greenlit Media


 A master of the genre, Pete is a true professional and a pleasure to know - no project should be without a Levy

Vicky Brophy

Wonky Films

  Fun to work with providers of enchanting animation

Bill Gautier

Freelance Sound Engineer

  One of the finest sound engineers out there; impeccable pedigree, supreme skills. A delight to work with   website coming soon

Wounded Buffalo

Bristol Studios            

  Cosy studios in the heart of Bristol with a friendly family feel; a pleasure to visit and work in

Terri&Russ King

Striking Media

  Terri and Russ have a great eye for a project and together would give a box of frogs a run for top prize in a 'Silly Contest.' Fabulous people, great work!

Jules de Jongh FVO

  Fabulous and talented native American FVO who oozes more warmth than a mouthful of Californian grapes

Faye Dicker FVO

  Naturally sparkling FVO from Planet Faye complete with ISDN and blondness. Fab!

Sara Mendes da Costa FVO

  Sultry, rich-voiced FVO with ISDN and talent aplenty

Hybrid Design

  Delightful designers of everything from posh stationery to back gardens; also own a boutique art gallery in Honiton.

Side UK Studios

  A relaxed atmosphere with highly competent engineers in the heart of London, well known for their casting and recordings for the computer games industry

The Railway Inn

  The finest food in Honiton, nay Devon; book a table now for when you’re next in the West Country.


  A must-have to get me to studios on time

Epic Cycles


When the Porsche is out of petrol, try something from these guys - almost as fast and very green.