About Robbie's Voice

Robbie is a simple country boy at heart.

Born to impoverished cattle farmers in a semi-derelict farmhouse in Hampshire several years ago, he had to make his own entertainment from an early age. His little black book of imaginary friends grew rapidly until, aged six, he was thrown into a Dickensian schoolhouse, force-fed a diet of raw Latin and stiff upper lip, and left to get on with it.


He emerged twenty-eight years later none the worse for his experience, according to local doctors. Indeed, his time there has stood him in good stead when he’s been required to dig himself out of awkward situations, having overseen more than eight tunnels and twenty-seven model aeroplane projects while in residence. When pressed, he can still define a gerund and recite much of Mrs. Beeton’s original cookbook. So, an education well spent.


This wealth of Life Experience has put him in a commanding position when it comes to voice work and unexpected visitors. Book him and he’ll prove it.



He tries to live quietly in the country where his solace is found in rampant hedgerows, two mad dogs, and a wok.