Welcome to my brand new website!

As you click through these pages you may think this voice sounds familiar, and it probably is. Certainly it’s been around long enough to have infiltrated most of your living rooms and it even remembers the days when cassette players were in every car…

Over the years Robbie’s Voice has given many major brands both TV and radio presence. But, of course, times have changed and those two stalwarts have been joined by some lively upstarts: animation, computer games, online content, in-store announcements, talking toys, documentary – and they keep on coming.


Whatever your need today, however, rest assured that Robbie’s Voice(s) can help; whether you live here in the UK, abroad or even on another planet (as I know some of you do, really) - the wonders of ISDN, mp3 via email and FTPs can bring us together …


Listen to more in the archive
Message of your choice. I can either hard code this or make it so you can edit it.
Some examples of corporate-style reads for videos or websites
Voice overs for stories
Hard sell
Character ads
BBC Kids
A short compendium of ads with characters in them